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Dr. Ehrenstorfer customs PestiMix

Smart Solutions™ Pestimix

A quantum leap in pesticide analysis

Up to 745 analytes. 30 Minutes. Maximum Results.

Introducing the Dr. Ehrenstorfer Smart Solutions™ PestiMix Kits

Featuring the largest mix of pesticide analytes to be found anywhere on the market, the PestiMix kits combines 745 analytes for liquid chromatography (LC) and 431 analytes for gas chromatography (GC) in just five ampoules.

These solutions can be combined in just three minutes to create a single solution of up to 745 analytes at 1ppm, your working standard for the day. Calibration, meanwhile, takes just 30 minutes, optimising your laboratory’s efficiency and analytical performance.

Designed to have optimal elution and maximum stability, this product is the first of its kind. A mass screening and spiking method-validation product that doesn't sacrifice quality or reliability in providing you with a solution to increase efficiency and accuracy in your analytical processes.

☑ Easy 30-minute calibration | ☑ Maximum stability | ☑ ISO 17034 accredited | ☑ Optimal elution

NEW - GC PestiMix V400 Kit

New for 2021 and seven years in the making, the GC PestiMix V400 kit combines 431 analytes, allowing for the calibration of GC/MS. Your time is precious, but so are your results.

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LC PestiMix V700 Kit

• Use with your triple quadrupole LC/MS or high-resolution LC/MS instruments

• The largest mix of pesticides in a single kit - 745 analytes can be screened at once

74 pesticide metabolites including 10 marker metabolites

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NEW - GC PestiMix V400 Kit

• Quick calibration and mass screening for GC/MS

• Screen 431 analytes in one 30 minute run

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The story behind PestiMix

Technical Director Dr. Dan Biggerstaff details how his team’s own quest for an efficient QC solution led to a product that combats the challenges of pesticide residue analysis – PestiMix.

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Pesticide and metabolites reference materials

With over 40 years of experience in pesticide reference materials, we have consistently adapted and expanded our portfolio to meet changing regulations, technology and quality requirements, ensuring we can offer you the most up-to-date products to meet your needs.

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