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Over 1,000 nucleic acid chemistry products to build your perfect oligo

Biosearch Technologies is the comprehensive genomics portfolio from LGC. Our track record developing novel DNA/RNA synthesis reagents matches our reputation for service and technical support.

Biosearch Technologies


Berry & Associates

Prime Synthesis

Proprietary fluorophores and quenchers like BHQ™ Dyes

Solid supports, modifiers and other specialty reagents

Modified phosphoramidites

CPG supports


What you'll find here:

  • Modified phosphoramidites
  • Conjugation reagents
  • Nucleosides and carbohydrates
  • Fluorescent markers and quenchers including BHQ Dyes
  • CPG solid supports
  • Ancillary reagents
  • Supporting citations
  • And much more!


Now offering instrumentation

Bioautomation's MerMade™ oligo synthesisers come in a range of configurations to match your throughput, desktop convenience, or application.

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