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Improved function with double-quenched BHQ Probes for qPCR

Excerpt -- A sensible approach to improve quenching efficiency is to preserve the terminal quencher for its blocking function while incorporating a second quencher at an internal position. That is the basis of novel double-quenched probe-type from LGC Biosearch Technologies, called BHQnova™ Probes:

5’ - [FAM]- Oligo sequence1 - [Nova] - Oligo sequence2 - [BHQ-1] - 3’

Standard hydrolysis probe vs BHQnova probes


Figure 1. qPCR amplification curves for BHQnova Probes (red) demonstrate the improved quenching and S:N of BHQnova Probe vs. standard hydrolysis probe (black) of the same sequence.



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