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Proficiency Testing Webinars

Science for a safer world

Gain the knowledge base and insight you need to make proficiency testing a critical part of your quality assurance systems.

Proficiency Testing Webinars

Watch our webinar series and learn everything you need to know about Proficiency Testing (PT), from an introduction to PT as a quality tool to evaluating and interpreting results, via scheme operation and test material selection. The six, one hour webinars are available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German and have been hosted by LGC experts including Director of LGC PT, Brian Brookman.

"LGC’s vision is ‘Science for a Safer World’ and that's why we're delighted to be bring you this comprehensive series of webinars that will demonstrate how high quality Proficiency Testing schemes drive fit for purpose measurements which in turn lead to reliable decisions that underpin a safer world.”
Brian Brookman - Director of Proficiency Testing - LGC

The use of PT by a laboratory is extremely important part of implementing a reliable quality assurance system. The basic use is to assess the performance of a laboratory to undertake a specific measurement or calibration providing confirmation that the laboratory’s performance is satisfactory or to indicate where potential problems need addressing.

However there are many additional benefits to a laboratory participating in a PT scheme, covering the ability to monitor the performance of a laboratory as a whole, individual members of staff and specific methods.

There is a significant volume of information generated by a PT scheme and this can be used to help laboratories to improve their quality and make informed choices about methods of analysis, equipment etc, which you'll learn in greater detail in this comprehensive webinar series.

1. Introduction to Proficiency Testing (PT) 

Learn what Proficiency Testing (PT) is, how it fits within a quality management system and the benefits of PT to a laboratory.'

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2. How a Proficiency Testing Scheme Operates

Discover how a PT scheme operates, from the differences in providers through the design and operation of the scheme to the accreditation of the PT scheme.

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3. Selecting the most appropriate PT

Learn how to establish a PT participation strategy and how to find a PT scheme that meets your determined strategy.

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4. Evaluation of PT performance

Learn how PT providers evaluates performance of laboratories and how this is presents in a report.

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5. Interpretation and use of PT Data

Examining the use of trending as a superior method of interpreting z-scores, how to investigate unsatisfactory performance to maximize the value of the PT exercise, and how corrective actions should be verified.

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6. LGC Proficiency Testing

Discover the LGC PT process, what reports are available to participants and how the PORTAL reporting system supports participants.

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LGC Proficiency Testing Schemes

If you are a laboratory seeking accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO 15189, or an organisation looking for consistency in delivering a quality product, then LGC will have a proficiency testing scheme designed for you.

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