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Safeguarding Supplements

Ensuring quality and trust in dietary supplements testing  

Safeguarding Supplements: Ensuring quality and trust in dietary supplements testing 


AXIO Proficiency Testing was delighted to be joined by Paul Beck of INFORMED in our exclusive webinar, ‘Safeguarding Supplements: Ensuring quality and trust in dietary supplements testing’.


In this session, we explored the implications to consumer safety and confidence in the rapidly growing dietary supplements market. We also considered how the challenges in product integrity within elite sport are being tackled by analytical testing, for example, and how these approaches can influence other areas of dietary supplement testing to ensure quality and trust in these products.


Watch on-demand through the link below.  

Safeguarding Supplements: Ensuring quality and trust in dietary supplements testing. (English)

 Recording Available

Dietary supplements: Amazon’s game-changer for analytical laboratories


What does Amazon’s new Dietary Supplements Policy mean for testing laboratories? How can you ensure your lab is ready for the new opportunities and challenges in analysing health supplements? And how exactly can proficiency testing help?

Keeping Supplements Safe: New samples to support your laboratory's continuous improvement

AXIO has released a range of new dietary supplement samples. Our new video explains all... 

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Whitepaper: Detection of synthetic pharmaceutical compounds in herbal "male-enhancement" products available to the US market

Brought to you by our friends at INFORMED.

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What's new for 2022?

The demands of the world never stop, so neither do we. This year AXIO has released 122 new samples including: Honey Authenticity, Cannabis in Gummies, Vegan Food, Pickles and many more...


New 2022 catalogue now available. 

Participation in an AXIO Proficiency Testing scheme for 2022 is now available. Stay ahead in your quality assurance needs and sign up today.   

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LGC AXIO Proficiency Testing Schemes

If you are a laboratory seeking accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO 15189, or an organisation looking for consistency in delivering a quality product, then AXIO will have a proficiency testing scheme designed for you.

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