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Confidence with Food Contact

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Confidence with Food Contact: How laboratories maintain pace with FCM and packing regulations and consumer demands.


The list of requirements presented to analytical laboratories across the globe is limitless. The rigorous and ever-changing regulations and consumer demands, for environmentally friendly products characterized of high quality and safety, are just some of the host of challenges.


Throughout the entire production process, there are many opportunities for products to be spoilt. One of the concerns that AXIO will be exploring is the issues caused by non-intentional migration from Food Contact Materials and Packaging.


In our webinar: 'Confidence in Food Contact: How laboratories can maintain pace with FCM and packaging regulations and consumer demands', AXIO explores the subject of FCMs, delving into the 'Bisphenol story' and how replacements such as BPS have caused concerns for laboratories and manufacturers across the globe. We will also discuss key drivers in Food Contact Material and Packaging testing including, consumer demand for sustainable alternatives to packaging and the ever-changing landscape of industry regulations.

Confidence in Food Contact: How laboratories can maintain pace with FCM and packaging regulations and consumer demands. (English) 



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Materiales en Contacto con los Alimentos. Cómo los laboratorios cumplen con las normativas de envases y embalajes y con la demanda del consumidor (Español)

AXIO asks the question...

what steps need to be taken to ensure that a sustainable quality control process secures a sustainable future for our favourite food and drinks?

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This year AXIO released our scheme CONTACT, designed specifically for laboratories that analyse Food Contact Materials and packaging.

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The demands of the world never stop, so neither do we. This year AXIO has released 122 new samples including: Honey Authenticity, Cannabis in Gummies, Vegan Food, Pickles and many more...


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LGC AXIO Proficiency Testing Schemes

If you are a laboratory seeking accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO 15189, or an organisation looking for consistency in delivering a quality product, then AXIO will have a proficiency testing scheme designed for you.

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