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Introducing BHQ Probe Master Mix

Where versatility meets high-throughput probe-based genotyping

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Simplify your next SNP genotyping experiment and eliminate ambiguous calls.

Try a free sample of our new BHQ® Probe Master Mix along with a ValuMix™ Assay of your choice!

BHQ Probe Master Mix ValuMix Assay for SNP genotyping
A high-throughput, inhibitor-tolerant master mix for end-point, probe-based genotyping that delivers superior performance across an array of extraction methods and sample types. An optimised blend of primers and probes tailored to your target SNP of interest in a single tube. Includes a BHQplus® probe of your choice.

This promotion includes:
1 mL sample of BHQ Probe Master Mix
2 nmol probe/9 nmol primer ValuMix assay of one of the following:

  • FTBP-2: FAM/TET BHQplus
  • FGBP-2: FAM/CAL Fluor® Gold 540 BHQplus
  • FCBP-2: FAM/ CAL Fluor Orange 560 BHQplus


Assay synthesised according to your provided sequence. 

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Terms and conditions: This promotion is open to all customers who complete the form at before 28 February 2018 to receive a qualified product. Qualified products are BHQ® Probe Master Mix and one of the following ValuMix™ Assays for SNP genotyping, FTBP-2, FGBTP-2, or FCBP-2. Offer is valid from 13 January 2018 while supplies last. Limit is one ValuMix Assay for SNP genotyping and one BHQ Probe Master Mix sample per customer. No previous purchase required. Cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. One time use only. Offer void where prohibited, licensed or restricted by federal, state, provincial or local laws or regulation or agency/institutional policy.