Accelerating Trait Discovery
an LGC workshop at PAG XXV

Date: Monday, January 16, 2017
Time: 6:10-8:20 PM
Room: San Diego

Modern breeding methods rely on fast and cost efficient identification and utilization of molecular markers. The discovery, validation and screening of associated traits is critical for plant and animal improvement. Here at this workshop, we have speakers who will share their experiences and provide insight on how LGC’s genomic solutions can support your breeding programs from discovery through production-scale testing. Please register to join us! Complimentary refreshments will be provided. 

1. Sequence Based Genotyping: from marker discovery to targeted detection
Michiel van Eijk, PhD
Keygene, Netherlands

2."Genomic DNA extraction - 1 million cattle" - Application of the oKtopure™ robot and sbeadex™ chemistry for high through-put DNA extraction
Romy Morrin, PhD
Weatherbys Ireland DNA Laboratory, Ireland

3. Optimized marker sets for array-based plant genotyping – a continuous improvement process
Martin Ganal, PhD 
TraitGenetics, Germany

4. Rapid assessment of novel alleles and QTL through background genome selection: from sequence variation to functional characterization in tomato
David Francis, PhD
Horticulture and Crop Sciences, The Ohio State University, USA

5. Flexible, low density SNP information in animal breeding
Kellie Watson, PhD
Roslin Institute, United Kingdom

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