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Workshop: Accelerating Trait Discovery

Discovery through production-scale testing.


PAG Attendees

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Tackle your next project with our integrated offerings at every step in your workflow.

1. SNP Discovery

  • We offer a broad range of services: Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS)1, NGS services including de novo sequencing, re-seq, transcriptome, metagenome, analysis of amplicons, and custom applications.
  • GBS is a cost effective method for genome-wide SNP discovery for organisms with no reference genome.
  • Experience in techniques ranging from normalized GBS (nGBS), double digest RadSeq (ddRAD) and other GBS or targeted sequencing- based approaches.


2. Association Studies

  • Using a high density microarray for a genome wide association study can provide insight into how your markers are linked to your traits of interest
  • We offer array-based SNP genotyping through a partnership2 with TraitGenetics.
  • Consulting services available for complex projects (e.g. the development of new arrays, including for livestock as well as crop plants).


3. SNP Validation

  • Validation is necessary for informative SNP assay development, in order to maximize the number of functional polymorphic markers in genetic segregation analysis.
  • Our systems and services are a cost-effective solution enabling generation of large datasets for increased confidence in SNP validation.


4. Marker Assisted Selection (MAS)

  • MAS is used to produce better and safer crops and livestock.
  • SNP markers enable the selection and breeding of desirable traits in a rapid and cost-effective manner.


5. Routine Screening

  • Harness the power and flexibility of our high-throughput systems to genotype SNPs across large populations.
  • KASP® and BHQplus® probes are industry-leading chemistries for high quality, cost-effective genotyping while all BHQ probe formats are ideal for gene expression and copy number variation.   
  • We have the world’s largest genotyping laboratory, delivering the highest quality data at break-through cost savings with expertise across hundreds of different species.
  1. Keygene N.V. owns patents and patent applications protecting its sequence based genotyping technologies, as described by Truong et al., PLoS ONE 7: e37565, 2012 . LGC has a licence from KeyGene N.V. to offer the GBS service for any organisms provided that use and application in human and animal shall be limited to research use only.
  2. Partnerships with TraitGenetics and Keygene

Accelerating Trait Discovery