BHQnova Probes: Double-quenched qPCR probes for high-sensitivity applications

BHQnova probes are a newly developed probe format with quenching efficiency that provides improved signal-to-noise ratio over standard dual-labeled hydrolysis probes.

App Note: Improved Function with Double-Quenched BHQ® Probes for qPCR

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Excerpt -- A sensible approach to improve quenching efficiency is to preserve the terminal quencher for its blocking function while incorporating a second quencher at an internal position. That is the basis of novel double-quenched probe-type from LGC Biosearch Technologies, called BHQnova™ probes:

5’ - [FAM]- Oligo sequence1 - [Nova] - Oligo sequence2 - [BHQ-1] - 3’

Standard Hydrolysis Probe vs BHQnova Probes


Figure 1. qPCR amplification curves for BHQnova probes (red) demonstrate the improved quenching and S:N of BHQnova probe vs. standard hydrolysis probe (black) of the same sequence.


App Note: Improved qPCR Assays for Copy Number Variation Using Double-Quenched BHQ® Probes.

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Excerpt 1  -- In this study, we designed a BHQnova probe to CYP2D6, a common human CNV target, using LGC Biosearch Technologies’ RealTimeDesign™ software. This region of the human genome is known to harbor sequence rearrangements with clinical significance, through variation in gene copy number. Similarly, we apply BHQnova™ probes for analysis of wheat samples that contain copy number variations that influence crop characteristics. The results reveal accurate quantification, but also the performance advantages of double-quenched probes.

Improved Signal-to-Noise Values in CYP2D6 Assay


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Use the table below to help choose the option which is right for you. All probes are RP HPLC purified. Size refers to final delivered amount.

BHQnova Probe Selection
Fluorophore XS: 5 nmol S: 10 nmol M: 25 nmol L: 60 nmol
FAM $70 at 2 nmol delivered $165 $270 $405
CAL Fluor® Orange 560 $150 $225 $310 $470
CAL Fluor Gold 540 $150 $225 $310 $470
HEX $150 $235 $340 $505
TET $150 $235 $340 $505

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